Southern Pulse differs from larger competitors in the industry for five principal reasons


We are a network first, a business second

When Southern Pulse began operating as a private investigations firm in late 2004, its founders – an investigative journalist and two federal police investigators – had already spent, collectively, over three decades of developing relationships across Latin America and beyond. They decided to bootstrap the business by leveraging this considerable network. 

As a result, we are not a room full of analysts researching on Google en Español. We’re a living, breathing network of professionals across Latin America. Southern Pulse leverages a networked effect created by a critical mass of sources to collect information for our clients.


Southern Pulse has never had a central base of operations. As our network has grown, we’ve developed hubs of business development in Annapolis, Austin, Miami, New York, and Zurich, and of operations in Mexico City, San Salvador, Bogotá, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, and Buenos Aires. We communicate in the cloud and operate on the ground. The compounded effect is a low overhead and the competitive prices we pass along to our clients.

Offline focused

Our clients receive reports written from information sourced exclusively offline. All Southern Pulse reports are prepared based on ground truth sourcing first - search engines and sophisticated web searches second.

Regionally Focused

Southern Pulse is focused on Latin America, and has been since its inception as a business in 2004, and well before, dating back to the early 1980s of relationship-building with sources, operators, and others across the Western Hemisphere. Our mission is to be a top-of-class strategic advisory firm for companies, governments, and individuals with exposure or investment interests in Latin America. 

We recognize, however, that clients often have collection and reporting needs for countries outside the region, so we have endeavored to build complementary relationships with partners that are strong in several areas of the world and the security industry, including well-developed internal capabilities of a select set of countries around the world. Let us know if you would like to know more about Southern Pulse capabilities outside Latin America.

We can say “no”

Our clients know that we are an organization that can say no. We know where our network is strong and where it is weak. When clients ask for collection in areas where we have less experience, we are transparent and honest. We would rather say "slow" or "we need more time," or even “no,” and retain the relationship than say yes and deliver sub-quality work. We see ourselves as long term advisors rather than a single contract provider.