Southern Pulse | Technology

While Southern Pulse brings significant historical knowledge to our analysis of Latin America, we also recognize technology accelerates evolution across security, politics, and economics in the region. Advances in technology, from the ubiquity of cell phones to cybersecurity threats, impact client interests across all sectors. Southern Pulse monitors and participates in emerging technology trends to best understand how they impact our clients’ opportunities and risks.


Case Studies:

Request: In-depth review of how Internet connectivity interacted with street gangs and social unrest in Central America. The core question focused on whether or not these groups use online platforms to recruit and/or organize.

Approach: Southern Pulse investigators in Central America interviewed a sample size of street gang members and leaders of a wide spectrum of non-governmental organizations, to include the most active advocacy groups. Meanwhile, Southern Pulse conducted a series of interviews with government officials, in the public security and executive branch, to capture their response and understandings. A separate team conducted surveillance of specific online forums known to be used as recruiting and organization platforms to cross-reference any activity with recent street gang or civil unrest in the target country.

Result: The final report included a wide range of voices and platforms that independently pointed at one strong conclusion the client could consider as a multi-sourced, stress-tested point of reference for a larger study.