Southern Pulse | Security

Southern Pulse has significant experience with understanding clients’ security risks, from organized crime and street gangs to corruption, money-laundering, and cargo theft. Many of our clients work in areas where they may face direct contact with organized crime, extortion threats, potential supply chain disruptions, or exposure to corruption. Our investigators always consider how local threats could impact a client and offer realistic assessments for costs vs opportunities. We provide clients the best information possible on security risks so they can make intelligent decisions about their operations across the region. Southern Pulse focuses on the information environment and does NOT engage in physical security, executive protection, or emergency extraction. 


Case StudY:

Request: A threat assessment and suggestions for site entry at a remote mining location in the mountains of western Durango state, in Mexico.

Approach: Southern Pulse investigators identified sources in the local mining community, in the local political environment, and in the security and political networks at the state level to initiate a series of interviews conducted by our correspondents based out of Durango and Mexico City. Simultaneously, Southern Pulse investigators contacted key members of our source network in Mexico City and discovered that two contacts had recently been in the community, arriving by helicopter.

Result: After conducting over 20 interviews, and obtaining first hand knowledge from sources that had recently visited the remote community, Southern Pulse prepared a full-spectrum threat assessment to include the key stakeholders at the local level that the client would need to contact before arriving on site. The client was able to initiate a relationship with local decision makers fully appraised of the risks involved and the motivations that pressured local stakeholders.