Guatemalan heavy transport strike effects economy

After a series of failed meetings with authorities from the municipality of Guatemala, heavy cargo truck drivers started a strike on 27 October 2016 to protest new restrictions governing hours these vehicles could move through the area (La Prensa). El Periodico reported that losses due to the strike could reach US$60 million. The municipality passed an agreement to limit the hours heavy transport trucks could pass through the city, and members of the Gremial de Transporte Pesado y Pilotos de Carga gave 24 hour notice that they would go on strike if the new restrictions were not overturned (Emisoras Unidas) However, Municipal Spokesman Carlos Sandoval reiterated the municipality’s decision to go ahead with the changes, in spite of union warnings. La Prensa reported over 20,000 trucks went on strike on 27 October 2016 and Sindicato de Transportistas Pesados de Guatemala Secretary General Rony Mendoza said the strike would continue until an agreement could be reached with the government.

Chilean municipal health workers to join public sector strike

The National Confederation of Municipal Health Workers (Confusam) announced on 30 October 2016 it will join the public sector strike scheduled for 2 November to protest against the salary increases offered by the government to public sector employees, which they deem insufficient. The public workers' negotiation team invited Confusam to join the strike, which will include a march on Valparaíso, Chile's second-largest city (La Nación). The protesters plan to apply more pressure on Congress to reject the executive's proposed deal and force the deal to be evaluated by a mixed commission of senators and deputies (BioBio).

Venezuelan opposition calls for nationwide strike to put pressure on Maduro

Venezuela's opposition coalition Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) on 26 October 2016 announced a nationwide strike for 28 October to put pressure on the government to reactivate the recall referendum process against President Nicolás Maduro. MUD General Secretary Jesús Torrealba called for a twelve-hour general strike on 28 October, and stated the opposition will give the government until 30 October to resume the referendum process (Panorama). If the government does not respond, Asamblea Nacional (AN) President Henry Ramos Allup stated the opposition will march on the Miraflores presidential palace on 3 November to declare that Maduro has abandoned his post as president (La Patilla).

Breakdown in Chilean public sector negotiations: government employees announce strike

The public sector workers' negotiation team ("Mesa del Sector Público"), representing 17 workers' organizations and trade unions, announced a 72 hour national strike set to start on 26 October 2016, following an impasse in negotiations with the Finance and Employment Ministers on salary increases (Emol). On 24 October, the government improved its proposal for a salary increase from a general 3 percent to 3.2 percent, as well as larger increases for lower salaries along with improved holiday allowances. However, the proposal was contingent upon the Mesa accepting it and signing an agreement immediately, which did not occur. Central Unitaria de Trabajadores President, Bárbara Figueroa, said the Mesa had no choice but to reject the agreement and end the dialogue (BioBio).