Money Laundering

Former Mexican governor facing corruption accusations turns himself in

Former PAN Governor of Sonora Guillermo Padrés came out of hiding and turned himself in to Mexican authorities to face corruption accusations on 10 November 2016 (Aristegui). Padrés, who had been wanted since August 2016, when the Mexican Attorney General’s Office (PRG) ordered his arrest for suspicion of money laundering, appeared before a 12th District Court judge at the Reclusorio Oriente prison to face charges (Aristegui and Economía Hoy). Padres will remain at Reclusorio Oriente until 16 November 2016 while his legal situation is resolved (24 Horas). Before turning himself in, Padrés told Radio Fórmula that he has been a victim of political persecution but was prepared to face the accusations and would demonstrate his innocence (Aristegui). The PRG also arrested the former governor’s son, Guillermo Padrés Dagnino, who is also facing accusations related to corruption (Economía Hoy).

Ecuador's Vice President accused of money laundering and involvement in Panama Papers

Panamanian newspaper 'La Estrella' published a column on 2 November 2016, allegeding the Panamanian Government possess a report accusing Ecuador's Vice President, Jorge Glas, of money laundering and involvement in the Panama Papers. The column goes on to add that a high ranked Ecuadoran government official traveled to Panama to prevent the release of this report (Andes, 5 November 2016). Ecuador's President, Rafael Correa, denied the accusations, labeling the publication as irresponsible, without context, or sources (Andes). Ecuador's General Attorney Galo Chiriboga announced that through the Ecuadoran Embassy in Panama, a formal complaint to this newspaper will be placed, demanding the basis and sources to this report (El Universo, 7 November 2016).