El Salvador's first photovolcaic energy plant to open in April 2017

A solar energy project worth US$151 million in investment is due to begin operations in April 2017 (El Diario de Hoy, 14 December 2016). The project, Providencia Solar 1, includes the Antares plant, awarded through a public bidding process, and the Spica plant, negotiated privately with energy distribution company DelSur (La Prensa Gráfica). French company Neoen developed and financed US$33 million of the project, and other investors included the Inter-American Development Bank with US$88 million and the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) subsidiary Proparco with US$30 million (El Diario de Hoy). The complex will produce 101 megawatts of energy, which can power 200,000 homes. The energy produced by Antares will be sold to DelSur, Edesal, B&D and four of AES El Salvador's distributors, while Sica will sell exclusively to DelSur (El Diario de Hoy). According to Neoen, Providencia Solar 1 will be the largest solar plant in Central America and a spokesperson cited El Salvador as a growing market for the development and construction of solar panel systems.