Paraguay attempting to join the OECD's Development Group

Several news outlets reported on 9 December 2016 that Paraguay presented its candidature to join the OECD's Development Group. This group is comprised of 51 members and works as a platform for the sharing of best practices related to economic development. OECD member states share their experiences in areas such as sustainable market growth, and democratic governance. Planning Minister José Molinas explained that being able to learn from OECD's best practices will help Paraguay attain the economic and political goals set forth in its 2030 National Development Plan (La Nación). Molinas explained Paraguay's candidature has passed the first stage, which involved presentations from President Cartes and Treasury Minister Santiago Peña. The OECD's Council will meet in February 2017, and if no objections are raised it would instruct the institution's Secretary General to process Paraguay's membership (Entorno Inteligente).