Foreign Direct Investment increases 10 percent in Honduras

According to a Banco Central de Honduras (BCH) report on FDI flows, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Honduras increased 10 percent during the third trimester of 2016 compared to the third trimester of 2015 (Radio HRN, 11 December 2016). FDI reached US$924.7 million with 69.4 percent as reinvestment of profits, 17.8 percent as other capital and 12.8 percent as account transfers between companies (La Tribuna). The most attractive sectors for FDI included services, followed by manufacturing, transportation, storage and telecommunications, goods for processing and trade. Latin America represented the largest source of investment with US$341.9 million, followed by North America with US$315.2 million and Europe with US$177.3 million (La Tribuna).