Venezuela and Russia sign economic and military cooperation agreements

During the twelfth meeting of the Venezuela-Russia Intergovernmental Commission in Caracas on 6 December 2016, the two countries signed economic and military cooperation agreements. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro stated that after meeting in person with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rozogin and speaking over the phone with President Vladimir Putin, the leaders agreed Russia will provide Venezuela with its wheat supply in 2017 (Globovisión). Maduro reiterated wheat mafias are causing shortages, warned the Venezuelan Bakery Federation he will take legal action against the organization, and added Russian imports will end the scarcity of flour and long bakery lines (Tal Cual). Maduro also announced that in 2017, Russia will bring agricultural specialists to Venezuela, as well as modern anti-missile air defense systems, and artillery and infantry units (Efecto Cocuyo).