Venebarómetro: Half of Venezuelans dissatisfied with government-opposition dialogue

Venezuelan polling firm Venebarómetro released a survey on 8 December 2016 revealing that 49.9 percent of Venezuelans are dissatisfied with the dialogue process between the government and the opposition (Panorama). Political affiliations affected respondents' evaluations of the dialogue, which began on 30 October but was stalled on 6 December. While 73.4 percent of government supporters agreed with the dialogue, 13.3 percent expressed frustrations with the process. By comparison, 20.1 percent of opposition supporters were satisfied with the dialogue and 69.7 percent reported the process did not live up to their expectations (La Patilla). The survey also noted 87.4 percent of interviewees perceived Venezuela's situation as negative and 12.6 percent gave a positive evaluation of the country's situation (Panorama). The poll was based on 1,200 telephone interviews conducted between 12 and 24 November, and has a margin of error of 2.34 percent.