Argentina: Venezuela does not show signs of resuming dialogue with Mercosur

Argentina's Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers Marcos Peña stated on 7 December 2016 that Venezuela has not shown signs of being able to resume a dialogue with Mercosur to revoke its 2 December suspension from the trade bloc (Globovisión). Peña stressed the importance of the dialogue between the Maduro administration and the opposition, and said once the country resolves its internal problems, Mercosur can resume talks with Venezuela (La Patilla). During a press conference on 7 December, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez asserted Venezuela is still a member of Mercosur and added Venezuela is acting as the bloc's rotating president. Rodríguez denounced attacks against Venezuela from what she has dubbed the Triple Alliance, or the governments of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina (Panorama).