Telefónica invests US$250 million for 4G/LTE network in El Salvador

Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica announced on 8 November 2016 a plan to invest US$250 million to deploy the first 4G/Long Term Evolution (LTE) network in El Salvador (W Radio). The network is expected to increase speeds tenfold, will operate under the Movistar brand, and will be available as early as 1 December in San Salvador, La Libertad, Santa Ana and San Miguel. Telefónica plans to roll out the new network to all of the departmental capitals by the end of the first quarter of 2017 (Estrategia y Negocios). Salvadoran President Salvador Sánchez Cerén commended the investment as a step towards improving digital infrastructure and decreasing the digital divide (Estrategia y Negocios). The President added that faster networks will allow consumers and companies access to new technological opportunities and improved efficiency. Telefónica has installed similar networks in Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua (W Radio).