Daniel Ortega wins third term

With 99.8 percent of the vote accounted for, Daniel Ortega's FSLN won 72.5 percent of the vote for both the presidency and vice presidency (Nuevo Diario, 7 November 2016). President of the Consejo Supremo Electoral (CSE) Roberto Rivas announced that 68.2 percent of registered voters participated. The only sizable opposition from the five participating political parties came from the PLC, which received 15 percent of the total vote (La Prensa). However, the exclusion of opposition members through the judiciary, along with a lack of international observation, has raised concerns about the election. According to La Prensa, the opposition considers Ortega's leadership a dynastic dictatorship, as Ortega's wife Rosario Murillo will assume the vice presidency despite concerns over constitutionality.