Former Salvadoran President and officials in detention for money laundering, graft

Investigations by the Salvadoran Attorney General found that former President Elías Antonio Saca transferred US$15.5 million from public funds into his personal accounts during the first six months of his presidency (El Diario de Hoy). Judge Nelly Edith Pozas announced on 5 November 2016 that Saca and five others would remain in provisional detention, although they would receive beds, visits from doctors and family, as well as time outside (La Prensa Grafica). Pozas decreed preventative seizure for all property under the names of the six accused, and the Attorney General’s office froze their bank accounts (La Prensa Grafica). The former President's former private secretary Elmer Charlaix issued some of the fifty checks that transfered public funds to the President's private account, and allegedly received US$1.659 million from public funds between July 2004 and March 2005 (El Diario de Hoy).