Venezuelan Foreign Minister calls for protests at embassies over Mercosur impasse

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez on 28 November 2016 called on residents of Mercosur member nations to protest in front of their local Venezuelan embassies on 1 December to express support for Venezuela in its impasse with the trade bloc. Speaking at the eleventh Mercosur Social Summit in Caracas, Rodríguez stated that Venezuela will not leave Mercosur and will not be suspended from the organization, despite warnings from the Uruguayan and Paraguayan foreign ministers that Venezuela will not make the 1 December deadline for adopting over 300 Mercosur membership requirements (Efecto Cocuyo). Although Mercosur founding members Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay agreed to take over the bloc's leadership in September 2016, Venezuela insists it is the temporary president of Mercosur. Rodríguez denounced a "triple alliance" of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay for its political intolerance and campaign against Venezuela (Tal Cual).