Raid carried out against former Honduran police members of drug trafficking ring

Authorities oversaw ten raids throughout Honduras in operation Panamericano that captured multiple members of a criminal structure, comprised of former and current police officers, dedicated to transnational drug trafficking (Radio HRN, 23 November 2016). According to investigations by the Fiscalía Especial Contra el Crimen Organizado (FESCCO), the current police acted as cover to transport drugs through the country, then passed the drugs off to associates with connections to other countries in the region (La Prensa). Investigators have identified people from the same group in Costa Rica, transporting drugs from Colombia to the United States (La Prensa). The operation Panamericano was lead by FESCCO, in coordination with the Dirección Policial de Investigaciones (DPI) and the Tropa de Intelegencia y Grupos de Respuesta Especial de Seguridad (TIGRES).