Mexican military temporarily improves railway security

Ferromex Government Relations Director Lourdes Aranda stated on 17 November 2016 that the Mexican military has helped secure railway lines in the Bajío region, but acknowledged fundamental security issues would still need to be addressed (T21). Before the arrival of security forces in September 2016, 1,156 trains had been held up and 897 robberies had been carried out. Since 5 October, when security from the military was in place, only 400 trains had been stopped and just 88 robberies were registered (Radio Formula, T21). Aranda reported that in September 2016, up to 39 attacks on railways occurred over a single day (Radio Formula). Improved security has accounted for a 65 percent decrease in train detentions and a 90 percent reduction in robberies. Aranda also noted security cameras and improved lighting have been installed to prevent crime (T21).