Mexican railroad industry ponders the effects of U.S. election results

Mexican Railways Association (AMF) President Lorenzo Reyes predicted Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential elections would have little effect on trade related to the Mexican railway industry on 11 November 2016 (Dinero). Reyes explained much of the rail cargo destined for the U.S. is anchored in the automotive sector, an area of trade beneficial to both countries, and is unlikely to see drastic changes (Expansion). Ferrovalle Director Erich Wetzel expected a flat outlook for the company without major gains on the horizon, though he believed the U.S. election results would not lead to large-volume losses for Ferrovalle (T21). On issues related to security on the country’s railroads, the AMF president noted robberies had been reduced thanks to heavy involvement of from the Mexican military and security forces (Dinero).