PAN members warn Anaya on bid for Mexican presidency

PAN members, including part of the leadership, penned a letter on 23 October 2016 criticizing PAN President Ricardo Anaya’s ambitions to run for President in 2018 (La Jornada). The group pointed out the conflict of interests involved for Anaya to continue on as the leader PAN while planning to run for the highest office in the country, claiming it was Anaya’s role as PAN national president to preserve harmony, not to damage it. The group warned Anaya of using PAN funds and structure to carry out his ‘personal’ bid for president and urged him to make his intentions clear as soon as possible (La Jornada and Informador). The majority of signatures on the letter were those from supporters of Margarita Zavala, former first lady and potential PAN candidate for the presidency in 2018 (Informador).