1.47 million vehicles expected to be sold in Mexico in 2016

According to an analysis from IHS Automotive, approximately 1.47 million vehicles are expected to be sold in Mexico in 2016. Mexiconow editor Sergio L. Ornelas Ramírez stated to El Informador on 16 October 2016, these sales figures represent a 9.41 percent increase compared to 2015. IHS reported in a statement that it increased its sales estimate based on a strong first half of 2016. IHS anticipates the continued strengthening of the Mexican auto industry based on steady investment in production facilities, and predicts the U.S. market will be strong in 2016 and 2017. This is an added incentive for exports of Mexican vehicles north of the border, which grew by 16.8 percent between August and September 2016 (El Universal, 6 October).