New developments at Cerro Matoso mine to boost Colombian ferronickel output

Mining company South32 announced it will begin exploiting ferronickel in a new area of the Cerro Matoso mine in Colombia on 12 October 2016 (Portafolio). Work is set to begin on La Esmeralda mine, an area of approximately 100 hectares adjacent to the traditional mine in the department of Cordoba, and the goal is to increase the production of ferronickel by 5,000 tons per year between 2018 to 2020 (RCN Radio). Cerro Matoso produced 36,000 tons of ferronickel during the last fiscal year. Production in the mine has a downward trend and the company estimates output to reach 30,000 tons per year in 2029, when the operating license expires (El Espectador).