Southern Pulse | Politics

In every Latin American country, risk cannot be completely understood without a solid understanding of the political climate. Southern Pulse maintains situational awareness and an updated database of federal-level political risk across the region. Our clients also benefit more from understanding state-level and local politics. Understanding local politics helps mitigate the threats of corruption and prepare for shifting regulatory environments that companies focused only on national level politics would miss. The combination of national and local political intelligence provides clients a wide view of the potential risks and opportunities across a broad spectrum of interests and influence.


Case StudY:

Request: Support in understanding the political maneuvering involved between Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, as each country ended and then began to re-negotiate the particulars of a free trade agreement between the three countries that dictate parts and finished products.

Approach: Southern Pulse investigators in Mexico City, Brasilia, and Buenos Aires mapped the influence networks of key actors in the corresponding ministries who would be a part of the negotiations and decision-making process. Positioning collections teams in each location to perform interviews and fine-tune our relationship analysis allowed us to present information to the client well ahead of public-knowledge.

Result: Southern Pulse was able to set up and maintain a beyond the horizon political monitoring regime for the client, as well as identify specific political triggers and language that the client's government relations teams could use, to equip the client with the right intelligence tools to mitigate risk to significant investments in three countries.