Our EThics

Southern Pulse is committed to maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards. We do not take on assignments we consider to be of questionable legal status or ethical merit. We respect and comply with all applicable laws, treaties, government regulations, customs and social norms considered to be fair in both the countries where our clients are legally based as well as the countries where we operate.

Breaking the law or violating ethical boundaries is unacceptable in our business. We endeavor to understand all relevant laws and regulations prior to initiating any business arrangement with both clients and operators. We also conform to socially accepted business practices, use common sense in our dealings, and are careful to check whether our commercial terms are in line with local requirements. 

Southern Pulse encourages its employees to conduct themselves ethically and legally at all times, and urges them to seek clarification from their superiors when there is uncertainty about whether a specific course of action is ethical or legal. All Southern Pulse employees and contractors are required to sign a code of conduct stating they will not make corrupt payments to employees of public entities.