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Can the OAS Respond to Constitutional Coups and Democratic Erosion?

Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States, has faced mounting criticism for his handling of recent democratic crises in Latin America. In particular, people have called Almagro’s approach to Venezuela hypocritical, given his lack of condemnation for the “soft-coup” in Brazil. However, Almagro’s handling of these democratic crises highlights the predicament facing the OAS when addressing threats to democracy in the 21st century. Although the challenges are evolving, the institutional tools for addressing them have not.

Networked Notes - 1 March 2016

The FARC traveled to previous rounds of Cuba via planes funded by the Venezuelan government and PDVSA. Now, with the Venezuelan governments finances in deep jeopardy, that line of funding for the FARC has allegedly ended. The FARC leadership received Red Cross support to provide their transportation to Cuba for what may be the final round (optimistically) of peace negotiations.