Cabinet Reshuffle Amidst Santos’s Declining Approval Ratings

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos’s approval rating has sunk to 24 percent, with an urban approval rating dipping to just 13 percent according to a March 2016 YanHaas poll. Santos, who began his first term with a 75 percent approval rating in August 2010, faces growing opposition during a time of low oil prices, high inflation, and a controversial peace agreement in the works.

Guatemalan President's New Cabinet

Comedian Jimmy Morales was elected and sworn in as Guatemala’s new president on 14 January 2016. Running on an anti-corruption campaign during a turbulent time when high level government officials, including Former president Otto Pérez Molina, were removed from office for illegal activities, Morales promised to have all of his officials certified by the Comisión Internacional contra la Impunidad en Guatemala (CICIG) and the Public Ministry (PM).