Networked Notes - 30 Aug 2016

By Southern Pulse Staff & Network


The FARC leadership expressed sincere gratitude to Venezuela’s government for the success of recent peace negotiations. In reality, it is Venezuela’s government which should be thanking the FARC. The extended peace negotiations are a critical reason why Colombia specifically, and Latin America in general, has been reluctant to more forcefully denounce abuses of human rights and democratic values in Venezuela.



Many top PRI officials understand the controversies over various corruption scandals at both the national and state levels have impacted the party’s standing and its chances in the 2018 presidential elections. Albeit reluctantly, they have begun a purge of corrupt officials. Most notably, President Peña Nieto says he will not offer help to governors accused of corruption.

However, the PRI dinosaurs are not going to quietly accept defeat. Sources suggest there are plots to remove party officials at the state level who attempt to crack down on corruption. The head of the PRI in the Nuevo Leon state congress has been removed for agreeing to open up old budgets to censure, a very minor anti-corruption action. National officials do not want an intra-party conflict, meaning the dinosaurs may have the advantage if they can hold the line at the state level.



Many foreign leaders skipped the Olympics in Rio because they did not want to deal with the protocol nightmare of dealing with the two presidents and the ongoing impeachment process. Interim President Michel Temer is hoping everything clears up this week, prior to lifting off to Beijing for his first significant foreign trip, a G20 gathering