Networked Notes - 20 April 2016

By Southern Pulse Staff & Network

With 367 votes in favor, the margin of the vote in Brazil’s lower house was well above the 342 votes needed to impeach President Dilma Rousseff and move the issue to the Senate. That total was padded by a number of defections by former allies of President Rousseff and former President Lula including four former cabinet ministers from Rousseff’s government. The PT has a long memory and the party is likely to throw resources at defeating at the people they view as traitors in the future.


Ecuador’s government was slow to respond to the earthquake on Saturday night, taking over an hour to provide even limited information and hours to provide anything of substance. The government has previously punished journalists for publishing “unapproved” information about natural disasters, meaning that many local journalists held back reporting during the critical opening hours of the disaster. While the focus now is correctly on rescue and recovery efforts, this issue may return to the spotlight in the near future if it turns out the government’s slow response led to any additional deaths or damage that could have been prevented.