Our Methodology

The Southern Pulse methodology is our core differentiator. As a decentralized network, Southern Pulse has developed a methodology for collection, analysis, and reporting that is nimble enough to obtain information from the most difficult places, while maintaining a high degree of information integrity and confidence in our analysis and conclusions.

At the base of our operational capabilities is a broad and deep network of local sources: men and women who live across Latin America, working in a wide range of sectors. Our network also includes highly-vetted senior investigators, professional journalists and regional analysts who have their own collection of sources and the ability to perform interviews across the continent. Through our network, Southern Pulse consistently remains well-sourced where our clients need us to be. 

We treat each project individually and uniquely to best serve our clients. The members of our core team design and build investigative units to meet the specific needs of individual projects or specific tasks within larger, more complex projects.

Southern Pulse’s methodology is well known and respected in the industry. While Southern Pulse remains a Latin America focused organization, we have been regularly asked to apply our methodology to investigations in Europe, Africa, and Asia. We accept these requests on a case-by-case basis, dependent on our ability to maintain consistent quality and accuracy.