Southern Pulse | Economics

Southern Pulse understands and analyzes the macroeconomic environment across Latin America, monitoring economic risks at the regional, national and local levels. Our sources and analysts provide ongoing information about potential financial or regulatory changes. Beyond the formal economic framework, Southern Pulse focuses on how black markets and informal economics impact the finances, business continuity and investment needs of our clients.


Case StudY:

Request: A regional study to determine the general business climate in several countries for the establishment of a free trade zone (FTZ). 

Approach: Southern Pulse investigators identified and approached government, legal and economic sources in the relevant countries and conducted a series of interviews. Information collected by our local teams was then used to determine the level political stability, the receptiveness of individuals governments for FTZ projects, the regulatory environment in each country and existence established FTZ legal frameworks, the strength of the court system as well as numerous other considerations such as general security atmospherics or quality of local infrastructure. 

Result: A final report methodically addressed each category examined for every country and developed a short list of countries that best matched the requirements sought by the group of investors for the establishment of their FTZ project.