Samuel Logan, Managing PARtner

Samuel is the founder of Southern Pulse and is now the CEO of Evidencity, a Southern Pulse incubated company. With Southern Pulse, he focuses on company strategy and business development in the US and Europe, and engages in public speaking opportunities to develop new client relationships. He encourages the overall cohesiveness of the Southern Pulse team through servant leadership, coaching and mentoring company employees and contractors across all practice areas and regions. 

Eduardo Mills, partner

Eduardo oversees all aspects of Southern Pulse operations in the field. He maintains the integrity of our project management process by ensuring that projects are adequately resourced and completed on time, while managing client expectations and performing quality control checks on all of our work before delivery. Eduardo supports research design and collection regime architecture for projects across the region. He also oversees the integrity and security of the Southern Pulse collaboration platforms including email, voice, and chat communications.


Working with Southern Pulse in the U.S., Pablo oversees field operations for Southern Pulse, S.P.A, a Chilean subsidiary. He directs field research and investigations engaged in South America, while supporting business development efforts. Pablo specializes in managing our most delicate operations, as well as leading crisis management projects in high threat environments, or those that require acute conflict resolution.

RAFAEL SALIÉS, Project Manager

Rafael manages projects in Brazil and South America. He also assists with Southern Pulse business development efforts in Brazil and frequently contributes the Analysis blog. Rafael supports Brazil project research design and source development and maintenance in Brazil.

Manuela Micoli, research analyst

She provides support in collecting information for ongoing research and investigations through the use of open source and interviews to established and new human sources.  She focuses on analyzing the content of the intelligence collected and drafting the information to be added into the final products. She also supports the development of projects in Central America by helping clients expand their business in the region, and understand risks while learning how to prevent them.